The Perfect Pinafore?

Pinafore dress rib back waist

Having my first  post-degree doodle and trying to decide if

a) I can pull this off

b) I can find the right shape

c) I need to make my own….

I think that c) is the likely option, a simple shape but maybe with some  rib elastic in the back waist for shaping?


Other option is a bit more school pinafore, maybe better for work in a smart fabric?

Pinafore dress school

Not too much difference between them I know but maybe more grown up with a full back ?

R x


Equal CUT


Equal CUT.

A gender neutral collection,  final portfolio for BA International Fashion Practise, MMU, 2016

See the full portfolio here.

R x

Strategy – My Final Collection

It’s all handed in (though there are still lots of things to finish and tweak as they are fitted to the models) and i’m mostly pretty happy with it.

Here’s a few of the final pics, the garments will be available in my etsy shop over the next couple of weeks and some patterns are nearly finished – give me a shout if you have any favourites that you would like to see as a sewing pattern;

Strategy_collection final edit front dress

The denim apron dress worn over rib knit dress

Strategy_collection utility trouser final edit

Utility trouser in khaki linen/tencel mix worn with white cotton pique + seam top

Strategy_collection_ trouser back

As above worn with oilskin apron bib top.

Strategy_collection_skirt pocket map

Grey pocket skirt with with + top

Strategy_collection great coat full length

Wool felt great coat with exposed collar/seam detail

strategy collection 201

I hope you like them, there is lots more garments to include which will hopefully be photographed during the fashion show – you can also view more of my portfolio here.

Wish us luck!

+ Ruth +

Image Credits;

Model: Alex Lyons

Photographer: Felicity Reeves

Images copyright: Ruth Eaton

Berlin bitte…

It’s been a few weeks since I took my trip to Berlin; 4 night and 5 days to explore the city!
This is in no particular order but here ya go!


Trying on stuff in Humana – 4 floors of vintage/thrift clothing (also sorted by decade, the 80’s were fabulous!)


Our breakfast cafe (also our host on air bnb) – lovely concrete walls, and good grub too!



It kinda freaked me out that even though we were staying round the corner from the rest of the group we would have been on the other side of the wall! It is really hard to comprehend what it was like during those times.


East side gallery


The graffiti across the city is epic.



A trip to Voo store to inspect the inside of garments 😉 also a lovely lifestyle store…just mostly out of my budget.


Der museum der dinge (museum of things) is like a mini London Design Museum, v interesting collections of objects from the Wirkshaft  movement.


The Bauhaus Archive – just lovely.

There was so much to see and do,  I still have a long list of places I didn’t get to.  Looking forward to going back (hopefully with the hubby) soon-ish

R x


I’m hurtling towards the end of the second year of my degree and starting to finalise my collection… I have 13 garments to make (6 looks) which is a bit of a hefty task, but I enjoy the pattern cutting and construction tasks so it doesn’t feel too intimidating.

I do however struggle with drawing.  I’ve said it before and I have to admit that it’s not something I have put too much effort in to practising.

I love simple drawings that look hand drawn, but when I have drawn it they tend to look a little too simple and hand drawn for my liking!

I came across a really interesting article from the adobe blog (through twitter, obvs) about flat design on the web …. and I thought to myself – I really like that style, maybe i’ll be better at that than real-life pencil sketching…..?

So I had a go … inspired by Delpozo s/s 15 show teaser;

Screenshot 2015-02-17 21.03.51

this is my third -ish attempt:

final line up hanging illustration

I like it.

R x

It’s February already?

I’m back…… I’ve been in essay land but its all done now, phew.

Remember my survey that so many of you lovely sewers helped me out with, well, I’ve been writing about that.

*** My survey is still open by the way, (as I plan to pursue this line of research, it’s really interesting) so if you are a home sewer that hasn’t filled it in, there’s still time! Its here :

In the meantime I’m going to chuck in a pic of my new sewing space – I have moved out of my little studio at the back of the house (it was too small and a little bit damp which was making my fabric stash sad).

So, we now have a kitchen/diner and the dining room is all mine!!! All my husbands suggestion, what a star 🙂


When I get my kit back I will start posting more information about my results so far…

Starting work on my final collection

This week I have started to draft the patterns for my final collection… The first look I am working on is the apron dress and rib knit dress:

Apron dress

ribbed knit dress with triangles

the apron dress with will be made from Furakawa denim (From Merchant and Mills here) they describe it as ‘a special Japanese 6oz denim. 57% cotton, 34% wool, 9% linen.’  As this collection is for Autumn Winter, the apron dress will be worn over the rib knit dress (fabric yet to be finalised!)

Here are the sketches of the garments:

blue apron

rib dress arrows+castle

I have lots of changes still to make but here is some snaps from this weeks toile:

20150120_092535 20150120_092550 20150120_092602

Still some tweaking to be done on the pocket placement and positioning but so far so good,

R x