Sewing with stripes and checks

My most recent commission is 3 Christmas dresses for cousins to wear on Christmas day. Cute, great.

Not quite, as they were to be made in the family tartan.

Firstly, the Scots are very protective of their ‘proper’ tartan fabric – its expensive.

Second, matching checks, gathers etc etc – you get the idea.

I decided a pinafore dress would be perfect, here is matching attempt 1:


not that great, here is attempt 2:


much better (not perfect).

How about some fabulous examples to drool over:

Karl Lagerfeld:


A great use of darts at Emilia Wickstead:


and check out the seam on this skirt:


If you are planning on tackling a patterned project yourself, here is a great tutorial from the Coletterie

And another great one from The Selfish Seamstress


2 thoughts on “Sewing with stripes and checks

  1. Have you tried using Clover Fork pins? If you match up the plaid, pin with these pins and don’t remove them while sewing the seam you have a much higher chance of being successful in matching up plaids and stripes.

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