a little confession …

I have never had a sketchbook before. There, i said it.

I mean, I have lots of lovely books …. I really love stationery, I just never really used them for anything except shopping lists.

So, I’m in to my second term of a fashion design degree and I’m coming to the end of my first proper, real, serious sketchbook.  I hate most of it (mainly because I don’t like the things that I know I have drawn) but I am starting to find my creative side again, and dare I say it, enjoying it!

I am still avoiding a few things – faces are not really happening at the moment, neither are watercolours, I have, however, embraced the pro marker.

Here is a few peeks, hopefully i’ll be happier to share a bit more soon!

fancy letters (and the clowns, obvs) :


starting to design a garment;





and a bit of pattern practise…….

bear with.

R x



Pop Art and Gin

So, is there a better combination!?

Pop Art Design is the current exhibition at the Barbican, from Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany (which looks worth a visit, just for the architecture).

A great mix of art and design, including all sorts of iconic objects – from the poster dress to the The Studio 65 Bocca Lip Sofa, from 1972:


It’s not my favourite era for design but was still a fascinating collection to browse. More than anything, it highlights the items that were absolutely cutting edge design at the time and how much things have changed!

This exhibition is cheerful and nostalgic, you’ll definitely come out smiling!

What might also make you smile is the new Gin Joint, also at the Barbican.  As its name suggests, a place where you can buy Gin, lots of it, in many different forms.

We indulged in a little gin cocktail each;


A Bramble and a Peppercorn, delicious.

Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

On my recent trip to London my first stop was the Paul Smith exhibition at the Design Museum.

Slightly pricey in comparison to other similar exhibitions but worth paying to get a glimpse in to his fascinating world.


Maybe its because i’m a bit nosey (aren’t we all!?) but the chance to have a look at what his design space looks like and the images that provide his inspiration and ideas was absolutely captivating.

My favourites were without doubt the wall of images, especially the hand drawn pictures, saved envelopes and thank you notes he has received over the years.  They provided an insight in to his world but also made me want to know more – “who drew it, what letter did it contain, why was it so special that you decided to frame it?”

I rarely stop to watch a film in an exhibition, I am too impatient to sit still for long enough! However, give me a glimpse behind the scenes of a fashion show: it had me hooked, I even sat down.

This one is definitely worth a visit if you can;  have a look at the teaser film here to make your mind up!  Inspiring and fun. ( it’s on until 9th March)

We spent time looking at the museum collection, which never really gets dull – but the highlight of the other exhibitions was the the Designers in Residence collection, showcasing four new and emerging designers early in their career.  3D printing, fascinating stuff.

Next up: Pop Art (and Gin) at the Barbican.