a little confession …

I have never had a sketchbook before. There, i said it.

I mean, I have lots of lovely books …. I really love stationery, I just never really used them for anything except shopping lists.

So, I’m in to my second term of a fashion design degree and I’m coming to the end of my first proper, real, serious sketchbook.  I hate most of it (mainly because I don’t like the things that I know I have drawn) but I am starting to find my creative side again, and dare I say it, enjoying it!

I am still avoiding a few things – faces are not really happening at the moment, neither are watercolours, I have, however, embraced the pro marker.

Here is a few peeks, hopefully i’ll be happier to share a bit more soon!

fancy letters (and the clowns, obvs) :


starting to design a garment;





and a bit of pattern practise…….

bear with.

R x



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