Fabric Manipulation

For my final uni project of this year I am designing a capsule collection.  My starting point is who am I? One of the obvious starting points for my research was paper.  I blogged a little bit about my paper addiction here.

As I have started to collate paper/envelopes/old photos and books I have decided to focus on the details of the stationary – the fastenings, patterns and colours.

I haven’t designed any garments (on paper) yet but have loads of ideas swimming around in my head. 

How’s about a selection of Pinterest highlights?  You can have a look at all my Pinterest boards and pins here.

Present and Correct are a great starting point – they create (and pin) some lovely compositions:


I have found lots of different ways of manipulating fabric ( I have a whole board dedicated to the subject!) but I have a few pinned to my capsule collection board that are really relevant:


Innovative textile design with flexible geometric structure using fabric backed wooden triangles – hard and soft, 2D to 3D;

Elisa Strozyk.


This mirrors the patterns found on graph paper like this:


(image – present and correct).

There are also emerging designers (along with the old masters!) that are using textile innovation to create new and exciting textures and shapes:


‘Void’ collection (2012), Yvonne Laufer, http://www.afflante.com

Yvonne Laufer developed various laser cut techniques based on the concept of negative space. Some cut outs leave space for a second layer or another fabric, others form some kind of modern lace.

Read more: http://afflante.com/20564-beautiful-void-fashion-collection-yvonne-laufer/#ixzz2zkJh7XE2


Florian Krautli – http://www.creativereview.co.uk

Magnetic curtain with flexible geometric structure that can be shaped into different 3D forms; Florian Krautli.

I could go on but I won’t. If you want to see more, this is my fabric manipulation board.  I don’t claim to have pinned everything but you can cut your teeth on it.

Finally, look at the use of texture on this garment from Cristian Samfira, simple and stunning:

Culture by Cristian Samfira, A/W 2013/14

I am itching to get back in to the workroom on friday, I will be starting to try some ideas out on the the stand and finally getting those ideas down on paper.

R x



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