Manchester Met (MMU) degree show

So I took myself along to the degree shows at the MMU College of Art … obviously interested in Fashion but also looking forward to taking in some Art /Sculpture etc..
I was accompanied by Stan which made for a slightly stressful viewing of the Art/Photography and especially the Sculpture shows! The building is old (and lovely) which means that a buggy was a no go… those brightly coloured artworks on the floor look like fair game to an 18 month old.
I didn’t manage to make any notes in this section as i was in damage limitation mode!! There was a great spaceship type installation in Interactive Arts, Ian Malhotra’s work was still in production via a performance which involved using coding to make up ‘ocean of code’. The main gallery housed a really varied selection of work from digitally interactive analysis to a reading shed.

The beautiful new building that houses the rest of the subjects is stunning … wooden bridges connect the floors with plenty of aerial space around them to show some more of the work .. and with better access and lifts I had managed to trap Stan by this point so was able to concentrate a little more!
I had a sneak peek at some of the show online but was glad to see lots of the garments were hanging and accessible, the show was also playing at various points around the building. Have a look here for some more pictures and profiles – I didn’t note any names down as the display was presented as more of a total collection rather than showcasing each designer seperately.

My favourite part of the show was the Textiles department, it always seems to turn out this way – I wonder whether I am studying the right subject!? Firstly, a nosy look at the facilities available; professional printing facilities, along with screen printing studios, looms and other scary looking weaving/knitwear type machinery – it seems like they have more than got it covered.

These are some of the collections that stood out to me:

The colours, along with the deceptive simplicity of the pattern/weave made this collection really striking.


I couldn’t decide whether I love or hate this collection by Alexander Waring, a beautiful colour palette of naive looking pen drawing decorated with gaudy, over the top sequins … If my 4 year old could have chosen a collection, this would have been it!


A colour palette close to my own heart ( my capsule collection was pretty much navy/orange and white) … simple and striking from Rozalyn McIntyre.


Tamara Andric -the colours, sigh.



I love these painterly patterns, quilting wins points too.. top pic; Emma Ross, below: Bonnie Pierre Davis.




This last collection by Jessica Alice Hogg was really beautiful; delicate textures mixed with fluffy knits and contrast details… in a lovely colour palette.

Just off to the check the prospectus…..


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