WWI remembered

Along with the rest of the UK, I commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War One with a ‘lights out’ hour on Monday, and have been watching coverage of various services and documentaries on TV.  
After visiting an aircraft museum in  Dumfries as part of my research for next year’s final collection I became more interested in the uniforms, badges and medals of the RAF, particularly from WWI. The anniversary has meant that information and exhibitions about WWI are easy to find at the moment.
One of my local National Trust Properties, Dunham Massey,  was know as Stamford Military Hospital during WWI and for 2014 they have converted the property back in to a hospital, using old records and photographs to reconstruct it as accurately as possible.


Flying the hospital flag


Actors re – enacting scenes from the hospital, using old letters and interviews to provide genuine content.



Some letters and medals on display.


One of my other research threads … Heraldry.


The family history and the heraldry that evolved.


And you can always rely on the National Trust to provide some great holiday crafts for the kids!
The hospital is installed until 11th November 2014 but check here as it isn’t open every day – its definitely worth a visit.


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