Northern Art Carbooty, Manchester


On Saturday I spent the day assisting the twinny with a performance commissioned by Northern Art Carbooty in Manchester.
I made the garment from a material called Tyvek, often used for protective paper suits/ packaging and other industrial uses. It feels like paper but is really strong and light.  It creases when handled which added movement and life.   Emily magically turned it into an architectural costume (with emulsion and acrylic).
It represented the architecture of Victoria Square, the first social housing in Europe and a stunning building.





Me … waiting for orders!


‘The Houses of real Men and Women’ Emily Speed

All images copyright Emily Speed

We met some amazing locals who all had a story about the building, from memories of a much loved Nan to the changes that have been made to the area over the years. I also loved the fact that people were happy to look at the costume and offer their own interpretation – my favourite was a gent who thought that it might be a guardian angel for the building.
The Art Car Boot is an event worth noting in the diary, a selection of artists selling their wares/screen printing t-shirt and more .. plus nice cakes/coffee and burgers. My favourite stall was the guys from Victoria Square (still social housing btw) who were representing their gardening club with a slugs and beans take on snakes and ladders ..


that may be because I won the game though!


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