Saturday Sewing

Moo's Shoes

Moo recently acquired these beauts (Marks and Spencer A/W Kids)Ā  – you know that thing where you plan the wardrobe around the shoes – this is one of those times!

The teal tights were already in the drawer so I had a furkle in my studio stash and dug out this lovely teacup fabric (Melody Miller, Ruby Star Rising) – My sister picked it up in Purl Soho, NYC around 5 years ago i’m afraid but there are plenty of other lovely Melody prints out there.

I only had half a yard so it is a rather slim elasticated skirt but still lovely nonetheless.

I love the way the grey, yellow and teal are picked up in the fabric pattern – just need to find some fabric for the perfect top now!

R x


A Social Study of Home Sewing and Sewing Patterns – UPDATE with link

Hi all,

Since my last post I have refined my research questions – there are 10, not too many I hope!

Here is a link to the survey online – please keep sharing this with your sewing friends, the more the merrier!

Many thanks and happy sewing

R x

A Social Study of Sewing Patterns – Help me, please?

My final year at Uni and I have decided that my academic research will be ‘A Social Study of Sewing Patterns’.Ā  My initial investigations have uncovered lots of lines of research but surprisingly few recent studies.

Barbara Burman is currently my author of choice…

However useful historic information and research is, I need more – I need your help!

Are you a home sewer (particularly a dressmaker)?

Do you use dress patterns?

Would you help me with a few questions (about your sewing experience and how it fits in to your life) and be happy for your identity and responses to be included in my research?

Link to research survey:Ā

If you would be happy to help me with further detailed questions further down the road please comment on this post with your e-mail address or alternatively email with your name.

Many many thanks in advance,

R x