I’m hurtling towards the end of the second year of my degree and starting to finalise my collection… I have 13 garments to make (6 looks) which is a bit of a hefty task, but I enjoy the pattern cutting and construction tasks so it doesn’t feel too intimidating.

I do however struggle with drawing.Ā  I’ve said it before and I have to admit that it’s not something I have put too much effort in to practising.

I love simple drawings that look hand drawn, but when I have drawn it they tend to look a little too simple and hand drawn for my liking!

I came across a really interesting article from the adobe blog (through twitter, obvs) about flat design on the web …. and I thought to myself – I really like that style, maybe i’ll be better at that than real-life pencil sketching…..?

So I had a go … inspired by Delpozo s/s 15 show teaser;

Screenshot 2015-02-17 21.03.51

this is my third -ish attempt:

final line up hanging illustration

I like it.

R x


It’s February already?

I’m back…… I’ve been in essay land but its all done now, phew.

Remember my survey that so many of you lovely sewers helped me out with, well, I’ve been writing about that.

*** My survey is still open by the way, (as I plan to pursue this line of research, it’s really interesting) so if you are a home sewer that hasn’t filled it in, there’s still time! Its here :

In the meantime I’m going to chuck in a pic of my new sewing space – I have moved out of my little studio at the back of the house (it was too small and a little bit damp which was making my fabric stash sad).

So, we now have a kitchen/diner and the dining room is all mine!!! All my husbands suggestion, what a star šŸ™‚


When I get my kit back I will start posting more information about my results so far…