I’m hurtling towards the end of the second year of my degree and starting to finalise my collection… I have 13 garments to make (6 looks) which is a bit of a hefty task, but I enjoy the pattern cutting and construction tasks so it doesn’t feel too intimidating.

I do however struggle with drawing.Β  I’ve said it before and I have to admit that it’s not something I have put too much effort in to practising.

I love simple drawings that look hand drawn, but when I have drawn it they tend to look a little too simple and hand drawn for my liking!

I came across a really interesting article from the adobe blog (through twitter, obvs) about flat design on the web …. and I thought to myself – I really like that style, maybe i’ll be better at that than real-life pencil sketching…..?

So I had a go … inspired by Delpozo s/s 15 show teaser;

Screenshot 2015-02-17 21.03.51

this is my third -ish attempt:

final line up hanging illustration

I like it.

R x


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