Sewing Studio … after pics

So I’ve had a few requests for the after pics …
Before you look can I just remind you that this wasn’t a massive tidy up, just enough to get some sort of order back!
I still have too many things;ย  fabric/books/paper/stationery etc etc but that isn’t going to change anytime soon! This is as good as it’s going to get for now:


The sparkly stuff now has it’s own box


My vintage Jones machine has gone to live at Em’s studio for the foreseeable future so I have a little bit more surface to fill.


My shelves are bursting but everything has its place and I know where to find it


My sewing desk is clear and my cutting space is visible – very exciting ๐Ÿ˜‰


The blackboard is even empty for a change .. though there is plenty of jobs to chalk down..


All my works in progress are bagged up and pinned so I don’t lose any bits (I had been looking for this peach ribbon since Moo’s birthday in May!)


Still a few corners to deal with but never mind … it’s a happy place once more.


Sewing studio

This is some ‘after the hoover before the clear up’ pics:


So today I have found myself at the end of a run of projects and commissions … I have a couple of kiddy free hours and am contemplating having a sort out.ย  Not a huge sort out that means it needs to get worse before it gets better… one that clears a bit of desk space and clears my mind a little bit.

I tend to grab sewing time in-between Kids/Uni/Cleaning etc so it is too precious to allow tidying time aswell!

imageThe three amigos – Overlocker, Coverlock and Sewing Machine.ย  Next on my list is an invisible hemmerย  I just completed a dress commission that was crying out for one! (more on that after the dress has been worn!).


even my chalk labelling is rubbing off – might wait until I can sort through the drawers before I re-label them though – who knows what treasures are lurking in there!imageThis corner is mostly piled up with Moo’s fabric; lovely big spots from Nani Iro (fromย Miss Matatabi onย Etsy) and loads of bargain sparkly tulle and satins from Goldhawk road – for future tutus of course.

Wish me luck, maybe one day when I grow up I will have a tidy, organised workspace (or maybe I will just move somewhere bigger and fill that too!)

Japanese fabric

This arrived today, it’s like christmas!!


It’s the new season Nani Iro from Kokka fabrics; a beautiful watercolour spot pattern on a soft double gauze fabric. I bought mine from Miss Matatabi on etsy as she always has the full Nani iro collection on pre sale (it sells out pretty quickly and is still quite hard to come by in the UK).
Now I just have to decide what to make with it … any suggestions?

The Factory Dress

Today I have been preparing the pieces for a toile of the Factory Dress pattern by Merchant and Mills

factory dress

I love the fact that Merchant and Mills sell their patterns on card, with notches and drill holes for marking darts and seams and the like.ย  They are a little more costly but are so much more accurate, involve no cutting preparation (as you order just one size) so you can just weigh the card pattern pieces down on top of your fabric and get started!

I am not a pinner … I much prefer to mark my patterns with tailors chalk or a water dissolvable pen.

Here is a pic of my toile pieces ready to sew (I had a lot of this cotton, not sure why!?) …

factory pink

Next up: fitting and tweaking the toile ..